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The birth of Phoenix Arts

Phoenix It is formed by a team of creative and passionate people, at the service of the Artist.

Mr. William Chen, our captain, founded Phoenix Arts Materials in the Chinese city of Wuxi in 1995. He turned his project into a reference company in the Fine Arts sector, specializing in quality canvases and colors for the international market.

With the sails tightly taut and the rudder well directed, in Phoenix Arts Materials work more than 2.200 people committed to offering all artists the tools necessary to express their imagination.

Phoenix Arts Materials has sailed all seas. It is present at all the sectoral fairs on all continents, making distributions of the most recognized brands. Our alliances go beyond business and are characterized by friendship between people.

Landing in Europe

In 2013, as a result of the good connection between Mr. Chen and the Bonfil family, with more than 30 years of experience in the Fine Arts and Crafts market, was born Phoenix Arts Europe. Thus, the landing of the brand materializes PHOENIX in the European market.

Thanks to this relationship, Phoenix Arts Europe offers you the widest stock of canvases on the market, plus a large selection of supports for different techniques, colors, easels, gift packs and accessories.

Our present is here, in the old continent, with a great desire to collaborate, grow and nurture ourselves with the ability to express ourselves.

Looking Ahead

In 2018, we added a new product line to our portfolio: Bonfil Kids, facilitating access to creativity with certified products for our great future artists, children, with all the guarantees of quality.

We continue to work based on our vision, mission and values ​​in new projects that will soon see the light of day.

It is a pleasure to sail with all of you and feel how the wind tightens the sails in favor of all. Thank you.

Address and company details

C. Mas d'en Colom, 19. 1º 1ª.

Ipsum Building. La Canaleta Industrial Park

25300 Tàrrega (Lleida). Spain

T. +34 973 311 963