Sheila Diaz Garces

This spring of 2022, we start with strength and expressiveness, with a certain transgressive air, breaking warm, delicate and perfumed topics, as befits the flowering season. And that power of vindictive tone on the day to day is transmitted to us by the artist of Cuban origin, a native of Havana, Sheila Díaz Garcés.

Sheila reminds us, in many of her works, of one of the greatest exponents of abstract painting, the brilliant Spanish informalist artist, Antoni Tapies. Like our admired artist from Barcelona, ​​Sheila expresses her art with improvised works carried by the moment. Her idea is the strength and expressiveness of the present moment. She combines natural textures, accompanied by forms that she generates with brushes, everyday objects, or with her own hand, on natural materials such as paper, plaster, cement, sand, etc. In addition, she supports her art in a "worn" use of color, except in those striking and vivid blues, perhaps memories of seascapes, perhaps...

Our artist this spring has a predilection for the idea of ​​the deconstruction of art. A concept where both the initial sensations and the new ones that overlap the first ones prevail, but that will always be susceptible to being transformed. Anything goes, and why not, when what is expressed is done with feeling depending on your state at the time of creation.

There is a interesting article in El País about the art deconstruction process and what the article calls “the art of deconstructing art”, centered on the painter Lita Cabellut.

We have found an interview on the Localyetnot blog, which has helped us to get to know Sheila better, and we have linked it as it will give us more information about her way of seeing painting. As a curiosity, in this blog, they discover a beautiful house in Old Havana, where we can sleep accompanied by a painting by our guest artist for this season. A great opportunity, full of authenticity, for those who like the union of travel and culture.

Half of what you hear – 2021

35 x 50 cm – mixed media on paper

Elevation in Blue – 2021

165 x 150 cm – mixed on jute

There is a kind of map or interior landscape that inhabits us, that mutates and recomposes itself, like a kind of mystery that needs to be revealed over and over again. Through my work I try to travel that path of inquiry and self-recognition. A process in which matter plays a fundamental role.

I walked through a forest of symbols – 2021

165 x 150 cm - mixed media on canvas

Action / Effect – 2022

55 x 40 cm – mixed media on paper

I find in the elements that I use a deep spiritual charge and an infinite language. Various materials converge in each of my pieces, not only the traditional ones of fine arts, but also from my daily life, such as pieces of plastic and paper, wood, purchase tickets, ropes, bags, etc. These merge between colored spots and lines that suggest, on multiple occasions, landscapes of elevations and paths that emanate from the composition as a kind of metaphor of our vital experience.

The Appointment – ​​2022

60 x 33 cm - collage on paper

I'm Not – 2022

42 x 50 cm – Collage on paper

My work is a constant exploration of our state of consciousness and a fundamental vehicle to explore and discover myself.

Sheila in her studio in Madrid

joint work

Sheila and Gustavo