Canvas Roll and Stretcher Bars

Phoenix accessories tensioning pliers working 1500


Pliers for tensioning and mounting unstretched canvas on frames. Manufacture your own stretched canvas with your desired fabric and specific size.

The curling iron, or clamp, is an indispensable tool for optimally stretching and stretching your fabric on the frame. Thanks to them, the fabric is well supported, taut and wrinkle-free. Mount your own fabric on your hoop with the perfect tension for your painting style.

Tensioning Plier C10

10 cm wide tensioning tongs

Phoenix product specialists tensioning pliers c10

Reference: 02060304

Professional 10 cm wide head tensioning tongs, made of light metal. Made of aluminum alloys with magnesium and silicon, quite strong and durable. With non-slip handles, comfortable grip. You will appreciate its great maneuverability and ergonomics.

These pliers make it easy to tension your fabrics onto the slats, creating excellent special custom frames. ¡As practical as it is indispensable!


Tensioning Plier C12

12 cm pliers, with spring, to stretch your canvas.

Phoenix product specialists tensioning pliers c12

Reference: 0206030401

Professional tensioning tongs with a 12 cm head width. They allow the fabric to be fixed to the slats, creating custom canvases for a custom wooden frame.

Tongs made of light material. Made of aluminum alloys with magnesium and silicon with a red rubber handle ergonomically designed for grip and comfort.

Includes spring to decrease pressure on your hand: you can insert the spring between the handles and get spring recoil. Or if it does not require a spring, it can be easily removed.