Canvas Roll and Stretcher Bars


Rolls of burlap fabric, or jute for canvases, of high resistance. Excellent for large creative works.


100% jute

universal p icon im triple primed icon xtra coarse grain icon 500gr icon


threads / cm



threads / cm


Ref. 010504012050

2,10 x 10m


Jute fabric, known as burlap or sackcloth, very resistant, extra coarse grain, marked weft, with classic universal primer at a price for all pockets.

Ideal for works of very large sizes, muralists and artistthem.

Properties of jute canvas fabrics.


​Jute canvas rolls are made with very thick fibers and with a very separate weft. That is why a very thick classic universal primer is necessary.

Jute is grown in South Asia and particularly in India and Bangladesh. It has a high tensile strength, low extensibility, and ensures better breathability of the fabrics.

Our jute canvas rolls are made of 100% jute. Unlike other industrial or decorative burlaps, it is woven with the constant tension that the frame exerts permanently in mind. Consequently, it thus avoids the deformations that are caused in sacking intended for other uses.

The burlap fabric, or jute for canvases, stands out for its coarse grain and wide weft, ideal for works of very large sizes, muralists.