Canvas Roll and Stretcher Bars

Linen and cotton canvas rolls

Our linen and cotton canvas rolls combine quality and naturalness at the most competitive price.


55% Linen - 45% Cotton

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threads / cm



threads / cm


Ref. 020504012050

2,10 x 10m


This linen and cotton canvas offers the quality of traditional linen at a competitive price.

Thanks to the composition of this mixture plus the flexible universal primer, it becomes a resistant, soft, and highly durable fabric.

Properties of linen and cotton fabrics


The rolls of linen and cotton canvas, also called in Phoenix Arts Like “Lincotton”, they mix 55% linen with 45% cotton. With this blend of natural fibers, we get the best of both worlds for the artistto professional and amateur. The quality, freshness and conservation of linen and the accessibility and economy of cotton. The perfect balance.

We focus our product on the artista, so we collect the most excellent linen fibers as well as those long cotton fibers.

We dry these naturally after being soaked, without rinsing, by alkaline chemicals. As a result, the fabric maintains both the tensile strength of linen and the flexibility of long-staple cotton.

The base primer is unique in that thanks to a patented technique it ensures an excellent texture on the surface of the canvas offering a greater tensile strength, but at the same time with an ideal flexibility for high quality oil painting.