Canvas Roll and Stretcher Bars

How do we manufacture the canvas rolls?

Phoenix Arts Materials produces canvas rolls for stretchers

Below we explain how we manufacture canvas rolls for the production of high-quality canvas frames. For sale in roll for professionals and for other manufacturers of racks.

Creation process Canvas OK 22 1600W

Canvas production process

Artistic canvases Phoenix They are made of cotton, linen, synthetic fiber and jute. All raw materials are high quality long fiber from Xinjiang and China, Harbin, India, Belgium, among others.

Ecru woven fabric is subjected to a strict inspection for every square meter to locate possible defects, test the tensile strength and check its grammage.

Creation process Canvas 800W 20
Canvas creation process OK 3

Only fabric that meets our standard can go through the production line so that the four layers of primer are applied to the fabric, each of which has a different formula and performs a specific function.

The first layer is transparent glue and fills all the pores so that subsequent layers do not penetrate the fabric.

After drying, the second coat, the "base coat", is applied.

Creation process Canvas 800W 21
Creation process Canvas 800W 23

Drying again, the third layer of primer is applied, which acts as a "face coating" that must also undergo drying. The fourth layer is made taking into account the characteristics of the canvas and the needs of the customers.

After the four primers and their respective drying, the canvases are sanded to eliminate nodules and ensure that the surface is ready and ready to be painted. The last step is the preparation of the fabric rolls according to the clients' needs: rolls of 10, 100, 200 meters or more.

Productive process

Our production process is carried out using modern machines, although in accordance with traditional methods. Thus, we add precision, technique and tradition, reaching an excellent degree of quality.

For fabrics with a width greater than the standard dimensions (2,1m) and for special fabrics, the manufacturing process can be done by hand. After careful rolling, we pack our rolls or arrange them for the manufacture of draped frames. So we can offer our customers the product they need. At this point our work ends and the journey towards artistic creation begins.