Canvas Roll and Stretcher Bars

The primer on our canvases

Types of primer

Basic-Transparent gluing

We prepare the fabric for its specific treatment, simple gluing, offering the artistto the possibility of preparing his own canvas according to his technique.


It is the most tolerant primer, accepts and offers excellent results with acrylic and oil, even for dry techniques.


It is the special primer for aqueous techniques, ideal for watercolor, achieving results of the same level as the best paper. Thanks to its absorption capacity and the composition of the frame, it is also suitable for oil painting.

For oil

The most ancient technique in priming on fabric, and even today it offers the perfect support for oil paintings.

Characteristics of the universal primer of our canvases

High quality acrylic primer, neutral, non-toxic, medium absorbency degree and suitable for both oil and acrylic.
Excellent surface texture with a full coverage primer.
The surface grain texture is eggshell with excellent brush touch and paint absorption.
The transparent glue layer both penetrates deep into the tissue and fixes the second layer.
The resin applied evenly in the primer increases its adhesion. The surface of the primer contains a highly absorbent powder that strongly binds the components of the paint with this primer.
The firm structure of the primer is guaranteed by a special formula. The top primer will not come off in contact with water, linseed oil or white spirit.
All three coats of primer are oil or water resistant so they won't crack. To guarantee a short time for drying, proper use of the oil and the water used must be respected. The resin in the primer guarantees vivid and stable colors.
A scientific formulation ensures that primers and paint age evenly. The works carried out will have a long life.
drawing 1 fabrication canvas prints
Third layer

Resin C + Tio2 + Caco3

Second layer

Resin B + Tio2

First layer

Flexible resin A

drawing scheme manufacture canvas primer