Fine Oil Color


Live the color! Time in your hands.

Phoenix Artist Oil Color features a range of 30 high-quality colors. Individually formulated and cared for to extract the maximum purity of each pigment. It presents colors of excellent pastosity, high coloring power, uniformity of brightness and density.

Fine Oil Primary Color Set


6 primary colors in oil to mix in your palette

Phoenix Artist Oil Color offers the Primary Color Set for artists to discover the unique quality of this product. The 4 basic colors to make your mixes, along with white and the very practical tan shadow, an earthy black color for natural nuances.

Oil Auxiliaries


Customize your oil paintings and achieve an excellent conservation of your final works.

Oil colors need aids that fit perfectly to meet the demands of the technique. They are responsible for a good technical configuration of the works and their conservation.

Fine Watercolor


Live the color! It flows like water.

Phoenix Artist Watercolor of high quality, they are conceived to offer a palette of colors with which to play directly. It also allows mixing to create your own palette. Our colors are highly pigmented, with good transparency and diffusivity. A smart choice for artists and hobbyists.

Fine Watercolor Sets


Live the color! It flows like water.

We offer our Watercolor Artist Set in an assortment of different colors for artists to taste, mix and discover its unique quality, on different supports, papers and canvas. Phoenix Watercolor


Acrylic Color


Creamy flexibility and resistance, for excellent traction adherence.

The Studio Acrylic color range is made with a selection of pigments based on their maximum stability and permanence to light, dispersed in a 100% acrylic emulsion. No fillers or pigments derived from heavy metals such as cadmium or cobalt are used, but they do contain matting agents that give the colors a satin finish.

Acrylic Primary Set


Acrylic pack with the 5 primary colors. Start creating!

Set with 5 primary colors, Artist Acrylic (5 × 5 ml.). Contains the 5 Artist Acrylic Primary Colors (5 × 5 ml). Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black and White.

Acrylic Auxiliaries


Essential auxiliary products to modify the characteristics of the colors. The best preservation technique for your artwork.

Auxiliary products allow the fabric to be prepared for good preservation and to modify the properties of artistic paint to achieve the desired effects. We offer excellent quality gesso and mediums for artists.

Value Set Series


Attractive assortment of paint sets for practicing different techniques.

Phoenix presents Color Sets, a new set of painting products aimed at the semi-professional fine arts market. Four Sets designed exclusively for the main painting techniques: Oil, Acrylic, Gouache and Watercolor.