Artist of the Season

Nívola Uya

It has already happened to us other times, that the station in which we enter does not usually correspond to the character and spirit of the artistto which we present It is a common idea —not shared by us— that winter is a sad, cold and dark season, which invites you to stay at home sheltered from the fire or the stove. And, from time to time, it coincides that we stumble upon artistso they convey an idea completely opposite to coldness and sadness. So when this happens, we can't help but think that… we're in luck!

And it is that… there is nothing better than estar protected from the winter cold, discovering the contrast generated by a artista with warmth and positivism in their ideas, like Nívola Uyá. This Valencian, resident on the island of Mallorca, dedicated to people, to dialogue and to the humanities, she gives us her art in the form of drawings for children's books and educational material, above all. However, she also conveys her emotions in the form of mural painting, and has even taken her first steps—and what small steps—in creating animated videos. It should be noted that, initially, Nívola Uyá came to the islands with a degree in environmental sciences, and there her circumstances led her to illustrate stories. Unknowingly, her art ran uncontrolled through the veins of this Valencian woman, and Mallorca discovered her for us.

Nívola Uyá is inspired by the nature of her environment to create her illustrations, the sea, the mountains, the flora and fauna that the Balearic Islands transmits to her. Although the great protagonist of her paintings is the woman, as an icon of sensitivity and feeling, a very positive trend that we detect in the current illustration, and that she already showed us Lucia Garcia, our artistto guest of summer 2021.

The drawings of our artista valenciana, are fresh and sensitive illustrations that make a perfect pairing with texts of modern children's stories. In fact, such a union gives life to books that attract the curious hands of girls and boys, and the admiring gaze of adults on the metamorphosis of a children's book into a work of art.

On a trip to Dublin, Nívola Uyá meets the musical group Verona Riots. He falls under the spell of the illustrator's creativity and entrusts her with the realization of the cover of their 2nd album, as well as the wonderful video clip of its main theme, “Live For The Moment“. Do not miss it!

Nívola Uyá Verona Riots album Live for the Moment red cover with birds

Nívola Uyá close-up of the creative process of the mural Sembrando Salud in Artà

Creative process of the mural "Sembrando Salud" in Artà

Nívola Uyá creative process of the mural Sembrando Salud in Artà

Creative process of the mural "Sembrando Salud" in Artà

Nívola Uyá illustration What the Bird Told Me woman with hair in the wind accompanied by red and green flowers on a pink background

what the bird told me

Nívola Uyá illustration inside the book A Forest Bath Wooded landscape with a white background with a fawn two children embraced among flowers

Interior of the book “A Forest Bath” – 2019

Nívola Uyá illustration inside book Silence soft and warm background colors girl in boat on water near smiling giant bluish frog on water lily

Interior book “Silence” – 2022

The creative process reminds me every day of the transformation capacity that people have. It is a source of life, an engine for change, also a balm and a refuge for gray days. This is how I've been cultivating creativity and beauty for 10 years.

I have made art for murals, campaigns, animations, illustrated books and my own work. I like to work calmly, take care of the details and create images with soul, full of hope, magic and transformation. The vision of uniqueness and naturalistic sensitivity are present in my gaze.

Environmental Sciences, a holistic vision and curiosity are ingredients that nourish my process. The meditation or a slower pace of life, independence and dreamy character give him wings. The craft, the traditional techniques and the manipulation of the materials with the hands, just as I experienced it in my childhood, are the vehicle.

The process has always been relevant in my creation, the how nourishes the what.

I am interested in the dialogue between illustration and other disciplines: music, performing arts, audiovisual, animation, poetry, gastronomy... all exciting, and with this spirit I embark on multidisciplinary projects enriching languages.

My latest project is a book without words: “Silence”, edited by Cuento de Luz, I worked with cut-out illustrations, with which I have assembled the scenes, which I have photographed in a handmade light box. Dispensing with the written word gives us a moment of silence and is an invitation to create your own story.

I also love to perform workshops and talks on illustration, creativity and nature in different destinations, convinced that the creative process and contact with Nature enhances the best in people and makes us more sensitive, observant and aware.

Nivola Uyá Flying To Paradise illustration girl and boy flying on a bird among giant plants and flowers blue background

flying to paradise

Regarding future lines, I am immersed in developing and giving value to techniques, materials and tools to create inspired by nature. I'm interested in continuing building bridges between Art and Nature, investigate and learn about natural processes and materials that the forests and gardens of our environment offer us. With this project you can find me together with Marc Ayats at Forest Strokes. Creating experiences of creativity and connection with nature is a good way to rethink and care for the Earth.

Nívola Uyá Reconnect. illustration girl with hair in the wind that simulates the earth as soil and flowers on a green background


Nivola Uyá Book cover Asali y La Leyenda del Baobab colorful illustration various animals flowers girl with book on white background

Cover of the book “Asali and the Legend of the Baobab”

Nívola Uyá illustration Existence girl in japanese costume sitting on flower with half moon in her arms space background


Nívola Uyá illustration Colorful Mind sketch style with black and white woman face and realistic colored flowers on head

“Colorful Mind” Collection

I share with Phoenix Arts the vision that we are Nature and creation, so happy to be the artista of this winter and welcome it together. There it goes!

“Winter, today I embrace you, with your arrival the days begin to lengthen. You are fire, coal, wool, also cold, wind and seeds. You give us this moment to observe our roots and go to the reunion with the essence, wisdom and intuition. You are the light that breaks through, illuminating our home, our lives and our creation.

Happy to enjoy together this period of renewal and rebirth.

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