Phoenix Arts Europe

Our Vision

Nature is the source of creativity and color, and we are all nature. In Phoenix We know that a vital principle is to be able to express our creative imagination. It enriches us and places us in a joyful way, a source of health. It would be fantastic to close our eyes and be able to feel in "state: joy"

Our Mission

offer to all artistthus, that is, to all humans from any corner of the planet and at any time of their lives, the tools to be able to express themselves, playing with color and light.

Phoenix It started with the base, the canvases, the perfect support to capture any imaginative stroke and nature is our direct supplier, the wood with which we manufacture our frames comes from certified forests, and our canvases are woven with raw materials born directly from the earth, cotton and linen.

Colors, pigments, brushes ... a universe of tools. From the beginning to the end we are committed to ourselves, to our product, and with the illusion that its use will generate happiness and health for those who want to express themselves.

Our beliefs

  • Leadership: working to shape a better future.
  • Collaboration: enhance creativity and emotional health.
  • Integrity: be transparent and respectful.
  • Accountability: be responsible.
  • Passion: committed with the heart and with the mind.
  • Culture: inclusive, empathetic, open and honest.
  • Quality: search for the necessary quality at an environmental cost and fair sale.