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Maria Montiel

We present to you, in this spring of 2023, a artistbecause it fits like a glove with the station it represents in our section Artistto the station. Because, as we usually say and is often interpreted, spring is that moment when we feel most inspired, experience the most sensations, and like to transmit the most to those around us. And that can be seen in nature, in people, in smells, in sounds. Everything intensifies and shows us its brilliance and joy through light and color.

Well, that's what happens with María Montiel, our artistThe seasonal one, which has that special power of transmitting joy with its colors and shapes based on nature and life experiences. Maria is artista Venezuelan, resident in Spain, citizen of Barcelona, ​​neighbor of the traditional neighborhood of Gràcia. From her workshop, inspired by the popular sounds and movements of her neighborhood, she experiments with her watercolor of organic forms and textures. In her paintings, a place for the white of the canvas is usually found among the forest of colors. For her, the canvas is another color in the creation of her art.

And, perhaps, that idea comes to her from her days as a textile designer, where she worked on prints for fabrics and dresses, without the limitations of a canvas frame or a sheet of paper. María Montiel captures her current and past life on her canvases. She adds memories of her beloved Venezuela with the smell of Mediterranean salt, with her happiness and with her sadness. Maria reminds us of another dear Artistto the station, Josune García, our Spring 2021 painter. Watch and enjoy both.

María is also an excellent communicator on social media. we leave you the link to a video of Maria Montiel for Phoenix Arts Europe, where he analyzes the canvas as a novel support to work his watercolors or investigate new forms of creativity with different techniques.

video linked to youtube about Watercolour Canvasby Maria Montiel.


Nívola Uyá creative process of the mural Sembrando Salud in Artà
Nívola Uyá close-up of the creative process of the mural Sembrando Salud in Artà
Nívola Uyá illustration What the Bird Told Me woman with hair in the wind accompanied by red and green flowers on a pink background
Nívola Uyá illustration inside the book A Forest Bath Wooded landscape with a white background with a fawn two children embraced among flowers
Nívola Uyá illustration inside book Silence soft and warm background colors girl in boat on water near smiling giant bluish frog on water lily

With my work I want to share my way of seeing the world, a mixture of the flavor of coconut and the smell of the Caribbean Sea with landscapes of olive trees and a Mediterranean breeze, all of this, impregnated with the people who have touched my soul and the nature that saw me. grow.

My memories are a large part of my inspiration, when I remember certain moments, people, cities I can also remember how I felt at that moment and that is what my work transmits; feelings, emotions a unique way of seeing the world.

I create my own hours, every day is different and I love that, it keeps me excited and inspired.

My theme is really what my essence dictates to me, transmitting my way of seeing the world through ecosystems full of color and movement that hide darker and even disturbed tones.

When people talk to me about their interpretation or beyond, how it made them feel to see my work is very surreal, there are endless interpretations and they always feel something.

Nívola Uyá illustration inside book Silence soft and warm background colors girl in boat on water near smiling giant bluish frog on water lily

From my workshop in Barcelona I paint and work as a pattern designer. I create my own hours, every day is different and I love that, it keeps me excited and inspired.

​My use of color is a very powerful theme that always draws attention to my pieces, it has evolved over the years, and it has always been a very intuitive and constant path. Over the last few years I have discovered the watercolor canvas and this has allowed me to expand into other formats and has also led me to work with my own pigments and create my own paints, which has completely changed my process, added value to the preparation and execution that has given me a lot.

Maria Montiel artistthe painter Phoenix Arts Europe 4 800h

María Montiel (Venezuela b. 1981) came to Spain in 2007 to study Textile Design. She describes herself as "a artistwith a tropical soul in Mediterranean land”.

Now based in Barcelona in the vibrant Barrio de Gràcia, Maria shares her time between motherhood and painting. With a grandfather who was an art collector and her parents her architects, she developed an artistic soul from an early age.

He is inspired by his memories, his dad's orchid garden and his travels. The Latin American jungle with its vivid colors and rich textures flourishes in her organic and colorful illustrations. María uses her own materials, paints mixed by herself from the most interesting artistic pigments and creates imaginative worlds full of warmth and magic, destined to infect everyone with joy.

Maria Montiel artistthe painter Phoenix Arts Europe 2 800h

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