Phoenix Arts Europe

Who Phoenix Arts Europe?

Phoenix Arts Europe we are made up of a team of people, dynamic, committed, creative and passionate, at the service of Artista.

Birth of Phoenix Arts Materials

Mr. William Chen, our Captain, founded Phoenix Arts GROUP in the Chinese city of Wuxi in 1988. He immediately turned his project into a benchmark in the Fine Arts sector, specializing in the manufacture of canvases y colors quality for the international market.

As a result of the good work of our Captain, with whom we have sailed all the seas, we are present on all continents, manufacturing, in collaboration, for the most recognized brands in the market, and Phoenix as parent brand.

In addition, we are already more than 3.000 workers, in 4 own manufacturing plants. We feel as if we were in a great crew, on a ship with strongly taut sails and a well-steered rudder. This is probably the reason why we have obtained SGS ISO 9001:2000 System Certification.

Certainly, our alliances go beyond business and are characterized by friendship and good work towards our collaborators and clients.

image photo exterior front building offices fine arts Phoenix Arts China image photo exterior lateral building manufactures fine arts Phoenix Arts China
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Chinese factory front
factory 4 600W
Phoenix Arts Europe warehouse building 600W

Landing in Europe of Phoenix Arts Europe

Later, specifically in 2013, the landing of the brand materialized Phoenix in the European continent, being born, thus, Phoenix Arts Europe, In this way a distribution warehouse of 2.800 m is inaugurated2 with a wide range of Fine Arts products; more than 2.500 references in constant growth.

And now that we know who he is Phoenix Arts Europe, add that we supply the B2B channel in more than 30 countries. In Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central America and South America.

Looking Ahead

The Horizon is there, showing us new ports where we can establish new relationships based on our values.

Above all, for the present and for the future, we are concerned about the situation of male and female painters and artistas in general. The market moves with the instability and uncertainty of a boat on a rough ocean. In Phoenix Arts Europe we want andstar next to those artistas, and for 3 years we have supported painters of all kinds, promoting them and wishing, through our Wall of Artists and the quarterly movement of Artista de La Estación, strengthen contact and relationships with clients and friends. We want to row with you, artistso, to be able to arrive strong, united, to destiny.

And, without a doubt, the best icon of that strength, that fight, and that passion, is our logo, the mythological phoenix —phoenix—, according to legend, a symbol of regeneration, creation, loyalty and honesty.

Our Vision

Nature is the source of creativity and color, and we are all nature. In Phoenix We know that a vital principle is to be able to express our creative imagination. It enriches us and places us in a joyful way, a source of health. It would be fantastic to close our eyes and be able to feel in "state: joy"

Our Mission

offer to all artistthus, that is, to all humans from any corner of the planet and at any time of their lives, the tools to be able to express themselves, playing with color and light.

Phoenix It started with the base, the canvases, the perfect support to capture any imaginative stroke and nature is our direct supplier, the wood with which we manufacture our frames comes from certified forests, and our canvases are woven with raw materials born directly from the earth, cotton and linen.

Colors, pigments, brushes ... a universe of tools. From the beginning to the end we are committed to ourselves, to our product, and with the illusion that its use will generate happiness and health for those who want to express themselves.

Our Values

  • Leadership: working to shape a better future.
  • Collaboration: enhance creativity and emotional health.
  • Integrity: be transparent and respectful.
  • Accountability: be responsible.
  • Passion: committed with the heart and with the mind.
  • Culture: inclusive, empathetic, open and honest.
  • Quality: search for the necessary quality at an environmental cost and fair sale.
Phoenix arts Europe Color Acrylic paint cans 667W


Our office and warehouses are very well located, in an industrial area of ​​Tàrrega, an important town in the province of Lleida, Spain.

We are in a commercial intermediate area in full expansion. One hour from the port and the airport of Barcelona, ​​as well as about 30 minutes from Lleida and its airport. The French and Andorran border are also very close, just over 100km away.

If you wish, you can call us and we will assist you with great pleasure.


WhatsApp 611 03 73 57

Tel. +34 973 311 963