Artist of the Season

Gustavo Diaz Sosa

We present to you, in this quarter where cold and darkness rule, Gustavo Diaz Sosa, a artistwith extensive experience and a long curriculum within our appreciated world of Fine Arts. His works show scenarios in tones consistent with the days we live in, gray and black, on raw natural canvas backgrounds, sometimes dotted with blood reds. Such a combination of elemental tones, together with its monumental settings, simply freezes our breath. And that itching in the throat is not because of the cold winter of the current season or the omnipresent bug that stalks us without remedy, no, it is that Gustavo knows how to convey the feeling of uncertainty and frustration in which today's society finds itself.

His large canvases are filled with architectural works, biblical or mythological references, brushstrokes of people who can't find their way and act by automatisms or dictates. Signs of economics and politics. Of suffering and lies. Gustavo reflects society on the verge of madness. Every element in his works is a scream full of anguish. A world that resembles that of the filmmaker Fritz Lang with his Metropolis. That gray, crestfallen, defeated, chaotic society. Or that of Escher himself with incomprehensible labyrinthine stairs, although logical. By the way… Where do those stairs go? Please, someone explain it to me! I think not even his own artista, with a warm voice, will get us out of doubt.

Photographs: David Delgado Ruiz

From the series "Of Bureaucrats and Godfathers" - 2018

135 x 190 cm - mixed on linen

Of Revelations and Crossroads - 2019

150 x 150 cm - mixed on linen

My work is a personal and poetic perception of the current state of society. I believe that humanity lives unconsciously surrendered to the fallacy that is imposed on us as "truth" from the moment we are born.

From the series "How is Above, is Below" - 2018

195 x 130 cm - mixed on linen

From the series "How is Above, is Below" - 2019

150 x 200 cm - mixed on linen

My characters run away without knowing where. Cornered they look for exits between the walls raised by the Power that reigns. The crowd tries to save themselves without realizing that they are still on the uncertain path.

From the series "Orphans of Babel" - 2015

160 x 130 cm - mixed on linen

From the series "Wrong Way to Heaven" - 2019

195 x 114 cm - mixed on linen

Who I am? Where do I come from? What do I exist for? Where am I going? The true answer to these questions would make us free beings, however the way in which they have "programmed" us keeps us from being able to solve them.

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