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"Tide". (2021) – Sheila Diaz Garces.

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Wide range of canvas frames.
Linen, cotton, and polycotton canvases.

Oil color range
— 30 ​​colors —
Fine Oil Colour Artist

Color chart Artist Fine Oil Color Primary Set
Created by Alicia Gomar @aliciagomar.art

range of watercolors
— 48 ​​colors —
Fine Watercolour Artist

Color chart Acrylic Colors Studio Prime Series
Created by Gemma Alpuente @gemalpu

acrylic colors
— 30 ​​colors —
Acrylic Colour Studio

Color chart Artist Fine Watercolor
Created by Carla Salas @the_flying_lover

Product catalog Phoenix Arts for Fine Arts

Canvases, rolls of fabric and ribbons for professionals, rigid supports, acrylic colors, oils and watercolors, drawing and painting pads, long and short brushes, easels and palettes, drawing, sculpture and modeling.

Round frames and other formats

High-quality canvas fabrics for professional artists

Learn about the range of fabrics we manufacture:
Cotton, polycotton, lincotton, linen & jute.

Station Artist

— Spring 2022 —

Sheila Diaz Garces